THE LEGACY – of Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen
November 26 2021 – March 6 2022

THE LEGACY – of Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen presents new works by Nanna Abell, Nina Beier, Hannah Heilmann, Sophia Kalkau, Marie Lund, Rasmus Myrup, Tal R, Jytte Rex, Torben Ribe and Sif Itona Westerberg, who poetically and intriguingly frame the work of Danish sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen (1863-1945) in the context of our time.

Legacy can be a source of inspiration and it can also be a burden. Regardless, legacy is a transgenerational principle by which the past materialises in the present and influences the realm of possibility here and now. Legacy can also be a choice. An artist can choose to engage in dialogue with works created in a different time and context. In such cases, the past not only influences the present – the opposite is also true. The works created today inform our approach to and understanding of historical works and artists.